3 Reasons to Learn How to Quilt


How to quilt is a worthwhile endeavor. The short answer is yes! Quilting can be very rewarding, and chances are good that you know a quilter or two who can vouch for the unmistakable pride that they feel when they create a beautiful object for their own home – a quilt – using just a few simple materials and their own know-how!


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Quilts can be as simple or as intricate as you like, whether you want to create a family heirloom or just looking to make basic quilts for your family to sleep beneath! There are a number of reasons that you should learn how to quilt.

Reason to Learn How to Quilt #1: Quilting is Fun


Before learning how to quilt, ask any quilter and they will tell you – quilting is super fun. Sure, like any hobby, it has its ups-and-downs. But at the end of the day what you are left with is a beautiful quilt (or the makings of a beautiful quilt) that will adorn your bed, your daughter’s bed, or even a friend’s bed – that you made.

It can be quite fun to make quilts of different patterns, beginning with simple ones when you are a beginning quilter and working up to more difficult patterns as your skill level progresses. And there’s a lot to be said about piecing together a quilt so that it goes from tiny squares of fabric into a complete quilt that will keep you warm on a long, cold winter’s night. The pride that one can get from learning how to quilt and providing for one’s owns needs is quite astounding.

Reason to Learn How to Quilt #2: Quilting is Easy


Quilting has come a long way since our ancestors sat in front of the fire and used a needle and thread to piece together patchwork quilts using whatever materials they had on hand at the time. In fact, with so many instructional DVDs, manuals, videos, and even pre-cut fabric for piecing together into intricate quilt patterns, it has never been simpler or easier to learn how to quilt.

And although a hand-stitched quilt like they made at the turn of the century is a big endeavor (and many people still practice the art of hand stitching), there are some find sewing machines on the market today that make quilting a breeze. In fact, one might say that they do the bulk of the work for you.

Reason to Learn How to Quilt #3: Quilting is Art


And last of all, one reason that you should consider learning how to quilt is that quilting is an art. Just like cross-stitch, painting, and other crafts, the art of quilting is just that – an art. If you find that difficult to believe, just look at the ingenuity, skill, and craftsmanship that go into some of the quilts that you see at your local quilt show. If that isn’t art, what is?

These are just three reasons that you might want to learn how to quilt. If you are looking for a hobby that is rewarding, easy to learn, and that leaves you with plenty of fruits to show for your labor, then quilting may be it!